Brian Bisceglia-Kane

Co-Owner, Co-Director:

Brian’s love for soccer began at age six when he was the leading scorer of his team, The Dinosaurs (coached by his Dad).  Brian continued playing through his youth, captaining both his high school (Doherty Memorial High School) and college (Brandeis) teams.  Brian also played on the Olympic Development team when he was seventeen and eighteen years old.

Brian is a third grade teacher at the Daniel Butler Elementary School in Belmont. Brian began coaching at camps and clinics while in high school and college. After he graduated, he joined forces with Charles at CSS. After coaching the JV Belmont Boy’s Soccer Team from 2008-2013, Brian coached the  Belmont High School Boys Soccer Team to the Division II North Sectional semifinal in 2014, quarterfinals in 2015, and semifinal in 2016.  Currently, Brian is coaching his son’s U-8 soccer team in Jamaica Plain! Brian has been involved with Champion Soccer School since 2004 and has been a partner since 2008.