CIT Program

Champion Soccer School’s Counselor-In-Training programs are offered at our Belmont  and Wayland camps to allow former attendees the opportunity to continue their involvement at Champion Soccer School while developing valuable skills and working experience. Champion’s CIT program is most successful when both prospective CITs and their parents/guardians are fully aware of expectations, and are in agreement about participation.

Junior CIT Program

Champion’s Junior CIT program provides the support needed for JCIT’s to make the transition from camper to counselor. This is achieved by allowing JCITs to grow in a well rounded way; not only in soccer/sports, but in terms of developing skills for multi-generational social interaction, effective and appropriate communication, and problem solving. Practical skills fostered in the program include (but are not limited to) promptness, project follow-through, sound first aid practices, and physical awareness and balance.

JCITs will often be placed in a specific area (gym, fields, playground, cafeteria etc.) for a period of time. While stationed there, JCITs will be asked to engage with campers, and help staff members with particular tasks.  These tasks may involve setting up games or interacting with campers.  JCITs will work with campers at least three years younger.

A maximum of 5 JCITs are accepted per camp week.

Who: Boys and Girls entering grade 8 who have previously attended Champion Soccer School.

When and Where: Any Belmont K-7 camps at Daniel Butler School or PQ Park.

Sign Up:  Register here, selecting “Belmont Camps CIT Program” on the registration form.

Cost: $200 per week.

CIT Program

Champion’s CIT program is a leadership program designed to help former campers transition to becoming group counselors once they turn 16.  CITs have an orientation the first day of camp, and have daily check-in meetings with a camp leader to support growth.

CITs will be placed in a specific group of campers that are at least 3 years apart in age/grade.  They will work alongside group counselors and with their group leader. At the beginning, middle and end of each camp day, CIT’s will assume specific daily responsibilities.  Although some of the tasks at the beginning and end of each day will involve some equipment set-up and breakdown, the majority of the responsibilities CIT’s will have will involve working directly with campers.  While group leaders plan and initiate games, CITs will have opportunities to execute portions of the daily soccer/multi-sport training sessions. A CIT’s focus should be to mirror their own behavior after group counselor’s behavior.

CITs complete each camp week with a sense of purpose, founded on a connection to others, and the satisfaction of having contributed meaningfully to something greater than themselves – namely the development of young campers.

A maximum of 4 CITs are accepted per camp week.

Who: Boys and Girls entering grades 9 and 10 who have previously attended Champion Soccer School.

When and Where: Any Belmont K-7 or K-8 camp at Daniel Butler School or PQ Park, any Wayland K-8 program during weeks we DO NOT run a high school program, and any Wilmington K-8 camp week.

Sign Up:  Register here, selecting “Belmont Camps CIT Program,” “Wilmington CIT Program,” or “Wayland CIT Program” on the registration form. Positions are limited, so email us after you register to introduce your camper, and we will confirm whether there is space. If there is not, we will refund you in full.

Cost: $50 per week.