Payment and Refund Policy

  1. Campers will not be permitted to check in on the first day of camp without receipt of full payment.
  2. A $20 registration fee will be added to each child’s registration. This fee needs to be paid to hold your spot for the weeks registered.
  3. Additionally, a $40/week non-refundable deposit is required after registering to hold your spot for the week. If you do not pay the $40/week deposit, you risk losing your spot to other families.
  4. If you are looking for financial aid or are not able to pay the deposit at this time, please email us ASAP after registering.
  5. Cancellations made the day prior to the first day of a day camp that you are cancelling are subject to a refund of the cost of the week minus the $40.
  6. Campers leaving the program early due to injury or for any other reason and miss at least two days for a given week will be issued a partial camp credit for 75% of the prorated cost of those days (e.g., if you miss 3 days and the week is $275, the prorated cost is $165 and the credit will be 75% or $165 = $123.75) which may be used at any time against tuition for the current or following year by the same camper, or a member of that camper’s immediate family. Absolutely no refunds for early departure.
  7. In 2024 we may not have access to operate inside (only have access in the event of extreme weather). If we have to cancel for any weather-related or other reasons, no camp credit or refund will be given for up to 1.5 days cancelled in a week. For 2 full days missed, 25% will be credited, if 3 full days are missed, 50% will be credited, if 4 full days are missed, 75% will be credited, and if 5 days are missed, 100% will be credited).


As we will be in the sun for a large portion of the day, please ensure your child comes to camp with sunscreen applied and brings their own supply. For campers who run out or forget sunscreen, we will have broad spectrum (blocks both UVA and UVB rays) spray and lotion sunscreen of at least spf 30 available. As many parents and kids have preferences for the type of sunscreen used, please try to provide your own. In this case you do not provide your own, your child will have the option to use either of our sunscreens available.

Here is our protocol: Throughout the day, as reapplication is needed (after being in the water or at least every 2 hours), we will ask campers to find and apply their sunscreens. Campers will reapply at 11:00AM after snack, and after lunch at 1:00PM.  For those who do not have sunscreen, they will be offered both the lotion- and spray-based sunscreens. Please talk with your child about your preference for them in the case you do not have your own for a day. You may also talk to your camper’s coach about this. Our counselors will oversee the application. Unless a parent specifically asks their camper’s coach to physically apply it in writing (brightwheel message preferred) we will not physically apply lotion sunscreen. We can and will offer to spray on “spray sunscreen.”

Other Policies

  • Pictures taken at camp may be used for promotional materials and added to our camp photo gallery.
  • This camp must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the local board of health.
  • Copies of background checks, the health care policy and procedures for filing grievances will be sent upon request.