We use an app, brightwheel, to support check-in, check-out, and communicating with families. We strongly encourage you download the app!

  • Staff will use their phones to check-in campers when they are dropped off
    • If your camper is arriving alone (walking, biking, etc), you can confirm they have arrived when we check them in
  • Staff will ask you for your pin at check-out to confirm the camper is allowed to leave with you
    • You can add additional parents, babysitters, etc to the app so we know the camper can go home with them
  • Our staff will post pictures throughout the day of what your campers group is doing
  • You can send/receive messages from our staff
    • We will post announcements
    • You can let us know that someone else is picking up or give permission for your camper to walk home

Returning families: Your account from last summer is still active! You can log into your account at Selecting “My Profile” will show you what your 4-digit pin is set at. You will need your pin to check-out your child. You can do the same through the brightwheel app on your phone.

New families: Before your child’s first week of camp (typically the night before), Brightwheel will email you with instructions on how to set up an account. Your account will automatically be connected with your child’s profile. We encourage all parents to create an account so you can benefit from all of Brightwheel’s features. Brightwheel will enhance security during check-out and allow us to communicate with you with updates about your camper throughout the day. You can download the app or setup on a website. For a quick fact sheet to help you understand how you can use Brightwheel, see the “Brightwheel_parents.pdf” file in: You can still sign your child out without setting up an account, but it will be a longer process than entering a 4-digit pin. We will have staff available to help you with your account the first day. You will not need this number during check-in.