High School Camps & Clinics

High School Summer Training

Champion offers  training for high school players through a mix of evening clinics and day camps. Players can mix and match our programming with a variety of pricing options OR they can take advantage of the progression of training we offer throughout the summer to fully prepare for the rigors of a full high school soccer season.


  • For freshmen, we offer the Freshmen camp in Wayland (typically the final week of July) to get them ready for what to expect at the Elite camps.
  • In the second week (first or second full week) of August, we offer our CSS Elite Development camp.  There are three separate groups: boys freshman, the 10-12th grade boy’s group, and a 9th-12th girls group. TRAINING PROGRESSION: With two and a half weeks remaining before high school tryouts, this is the starting window of a player’s peak training.  More details below.
  • The following week (third week of August), we offer our CSS Elite Scrimmaging Camp (Team Camp)TRAINING PROGRESSION: With one and a half weeks before high school tryouts, this is the final prep needed to achieve peak conditioning and top form entering tryouts. More details below.

In all of our High School co-ed training, we try our best to separate genders.  Often we combine genders for skill building drills (when there are no defenders), but then separate during competitive drills (scrimmaging, 1 v 1, 2 v 2, etc.) For the Elite Team camp, we will have a separate girls program (with a minimum of 12 players).

Program Offerings

  • Elite Development Camp: Our CSS Elite Development Camp enhances three core components of a player’s repertoire: technical, physical, and psychological. We start the day with 60 minutes of injury prevention work and intense conditioning to build strength, agility, speed, and endurance. We follow with a 90-minute SHARP block combining high intensity, skill enhancement, and decision making. Small-sided games later in the morning and afternoon help further build skills and fitness while working on decision making. Players are filmed and partake in at least one film session a week to gain better perspective of what they’re doing well and to notice areas of improvement.

  • Elite Scrimmaging Camp (Team Camp): The week following the Elite Development Camp, the Elite Scrimmaging Camp provides ample scrimmaging and fitness work to round you into top form and peak conditioning before preseason.  The Belmont and Wayland boy’s varsity coaches run a program that prepares players for the rigors of high school soccer. The first 60 minutes of each morning is dedicated to injury prevention, speed, agility, endurance, and strength work. Late mornings and afternoons are reserved for small- and large-sided scrimmaging. Like our Elite Development camp, we film players and host video sessions each day to help enhance their tactical game. Along with an evaluation, players also receive a one on one meeting with a coach.

For our Elite Programs, our lead coaches have high school coaching experience and/or college playing experience from Brandeis, Bentley, Tufts, Northeastern, and Wesleyan to name a few.  We often get upwards of 90 players participating, with multiple towns sending “teams” to train together (historically including Wayland, Belmont, and Waltham). Many individual players enroll as well.

Video Clips of camp action!

Essential Information

What to Bring

Day Camps

Evening Clinics

  • Cleats
  • Shin Guards
  • Running Shoes
  • Lunches (no refrigerator is available so pack accordingly)
  • Snack (optional)
  • Water Bottle (we have water and cups but please help us reduce our waste)
  • Sunscreen (we will have some on site in case you forget)
  • Physical with immunizations within 2 years of start of camp
  • Medication Form (optional – only bring this if you have medications to dispense)
  • Cleats
  • Shin Guards
  • Running Shoes (conditioning clinics only)
  • Water
  • Soccer Ball
  • Medication Form (optional – only bring this if you have medications to dispense)

What You Receive


When Received

How to Qualify

Evaluation of your soccer skills, teamwork, and cooperationLast day of each full-week day campAny camper who signs up for a day camp
Moisture-Wicking Camp T-ShirtLast day of first week of your first day camp (one per year)Any camper who signs up for a day camp
NFHS-approved Select BallIssued on the first day of your first day camp (one per year)Any camper who signs up for a day camp.

Where, When, and Who

  • All programs are co-ed for players entering grades 9-12; see Schedule & Pricing information for details about location and dates.


  • Day camps take place 9 am – 3 pm

Weather Policy

  • We will try to make-up any sessions missed due to weather. We will post any cancellations on our news and updates and Facebook page for weather-related cancellations (you do not need a Facebook account to see this post). You can assume the session is on unless we post otherwise.
  • Day camps are very rarely cancelled as we typically have some gym space for day camps in the event of lightning.
  • Evening clinics are sometimes cancelled due to late afternoon summer lightning storms.
  • See our refund policy for more information.