Belmont Camps

Program Descriptions

Soccer Camps

  • Our CSS First Kicks, CSS Youth Development, and CSS Intermediate programs will all be offered in Belmont for  2022.  Our soccer camps in June/July will offer CSS First Kicks and CSS Youth Development programs.  In August, all three programs will be offered and in addition, we will offer our CSS Keeper Development program, allowing players to train for part of their day with our keeper coach.

The CSS youth development group competing in the “Repeat” portion of the SHARP block

  • Older players in our CSS Youth Development groups and all CSS Intermediate Programs will be playing at PQ park fields for a portion of their day (a short walk from the Daniel Butler School). The younger players rotate on the fields outside and cool off in the gym on hot days.


  • The photo above shows campers watching the World Cup in Butler’s cafetorium.  Camps at Butler utilize the gym and cafetorium during inclement weather
  • The soccer camps will include additional activities for CSS Firstkick campers (recommended for grades K-2) for a change of pace. These activities may include crafts, team-building exercises, or other sports.
  • Our 50 foot dual lane inflatable slip and slide (pictured below) will be back in 2019.  All programs will have an opportunity to cool off on our monster slide.
  • Our inflatable soccer stadium/basketball will also be back in 2022.

    Enjoying a game with one of our two enclosed, inflatable soccer fields. Daily world cup tournaments in our stadiums are a camp favorite.

Program Descriptions

Multi-Sport Camps

  • Between our flagship soccer camps, we offer a camp that includes many different types of sports.  At our Multi-Sport programs, we have organized our curriculum by the type of physical movement.  For example, one day may be “bases,” which may include baseball, mat ball and kickball, while another day may involve “dodging,” which would involve games like bombardment, dodgeball and CSS’s popular “castle ball” game.
Enjoying our 50-foot, two-lane slip and slide on a hot day!

Enjoying our 50-foot, two-lane slip and slide on a hot day!

  • In addition to physical activity, there are some alternative activities for a change of pace.  Students may create some take-home crafts such as flyable wooden planes or air-propelled boats.  Participants  may also be led through team building exercise such as building a tower or building an enclosure for an egg drop in partners or in groups.
  • As is true in all of our programs, we pride ourselves in creating a camp atmosphere that caters to all children.  Our games and activities are closely monitored and are modified to make sure all children can participate and have fun.  Our entire curriculum has been co-created by a licensed Belmont elementary school teacher who is well versed in creating accommodations and enrichments to ensure that all students can have fun and feel successful.


The VFW – An indoor space we use when we have camps stationed at PQ Park.

Essential Information

What to Bring

  • Running Shoes (we will be using the gymnasium and cleats are not allowed in the building)
  • Lunches and snacks (we have a refrigerator to keep them cool during the day)
  • Sunscreen
  • Cleats (soccer camp only)
  • Shin Guards (soccer camp only)
  • Water Bottle (optional: please help us reduce waste from disposable cups)
  • Physical with immunizations within 2 years of start of camp (one per year at first day of camp)
  • Medication Form (if you have medications to dispense, we need a form with instructions about dispensing)

What You Receive

  • Moisture-Wicking Camp T-Shirt (any camper who signs up for a day camp – one given per year given on first day).
  • Soccer Ball (any camper who signs up for a full-week soccer camp – one given per year)

Where, When, and Who

  • All programs are co-ed; see Schedule & Pricing for details about location, dates, and grades.


  • Early drop-off at 8 am (extra fee) (not available in 2021)
  • 9 am to 3 pm (normal day)
  • Flexible pickup until 6 pm (extended day/extra fee) (not available in 2022)

Sample Schedule

Time Activity
9:00-9:15 Campers arrive and play warm-up games
9:15-9:30 Meeting and schedule for the day
9:30-10:30 Sport session (e.g., soccer, basketball, tennis baseball)
10:30-10:45 Snack
10:45-12:00 Arts & Crafts (ex: perspective drawing, shading techniques)
12:00-12:30 Lunch
12:30-1:30 Sport session – Whole Group Cooperative Games (ex: relays, messy backyard)
1:30-2:45 Sport session – Recreational Games (ex: capture the flag, frisbee golf)
2:45-3:00 Meeting and regular day pickup
3:00-6:00 Extended day activities building on lessons learned earlier in the day. Pickup will occur

Note: the “sport session” will primarily be soccer-related during the soccer camp but will include a wider variety of sports during the multi-sport camp.