CSS Soccer Programs

This page includes program descriptions for the different K-8 grouping at our soccer camps in Belmont, Wilmington, and Wayland.

K-8 Soccer Program Descriptions

Our K-8 programs are presented in more detail below. The recommended grades for each program are also shown. We typically group campers in the same grade together, but the groupings are flexible if a parent would like their camper to be pushed up to the next group, for example, a first grader who is ready for new challenges beyond CSS FirstKicks who might want to be placed with the 2nd graders in the CSS Youth Development program.

CSS FirstKicks

  • Recommended Grade Range: K-1
  • For the youngest players just beginning the game. FirstKicks program focuses on fun, exciting games to build confidence and teach the fundamental movement skills: kicking, dribbling, passing and receiving. The schedule should keep young players motivated and having fun while learning basic rules and practicing simple game-like decisions
  • Most of the drills that are run are disguised as games.  Instead of focusing on particular skills, games are introduced that ask young players to “pass,” “shoot,” and “dribble”  to have success/score points.

Playing a game of Champion Castle BallFirstKicks campers Playing a game of Champion Castle Ball

CSS Youth Development 

  • Recommended Grade Range: 2-4
  • The Youth Development program helps players refine all basic technical skills (on the ball abilities) and learn some basic tactical skills (decision making on and off the ball). For example, instead of a player kicking a ball, a player should learn the right way to shoot. Players are supported as they begin developing a sense of team and what it means to play a game.
  • Dribbling, passing, shooting, and defending are crucial lessons that must be taught and learned before a field player can excel to higher levels of soccer.  In addition to field player training, the Youth Development Program teaches basic goalkeeping skills including catching, distribution, and breakaway work.  The Youth Development Program builds these basic skills through repetition of innovative games and drills designed to encourage proper technique and mindset.

Learning proper volley technique (toe down)Learning proper volley technique (toe down)

 CSS Intermediate Development

  • Recommended Grade Range: 5-8
  • The CSS Intermediate Development  program is for players looking to prepare for middle school-caliber soccer.  Players move beyond the technical skills and learn more in depth tactical skills. Areas like movement off the ball, defending 1 v 1, 2 v 2 and even 3 v 3 for more advanced players will be addressed.  This program aims to sharpen skills, practice correct technique, quicken decision making, and provide insightful suggestions that will help one succeed at the middle school level. Along with technical and tactical training, the intermediate program also begins to incorporate small amounts of physical conditioning as well.
  • Experienced staff members will ensure that students get the most out of the program through a series of small-sided games; passing, shooting, and dribbling drills; 1 v.1 activities, and light conditioning exercises.  In addition, CSS Intermediate Development’s curricula expands beyond the CSS Youth Development Program to encompass lessons on both offensive and defensive team tactics.

Observing proper defensive techniqueObserving proper 1 v 1 defensive technique